• The Museum Steam Engine Locomotive

    On 14 October 1977, two German Railway haulers conveyed a very special freight ...

  • Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport

    Every year about one million passengers use this local airport. From a continuously updated tourist flight programme, travellers can choose over 40 destinations to the most popular holiday regions.

  • The Alme Valley Forest Line at Büren (Waldbahn Almetal)

    Take a journey through the Alme Valley in a 1960s historic VT 98 series railcar and enjoy ...

  • The Boker-Heathland-Canal at Delbrück

    The Boker-Heathland-Canal is one of the most important technical cultural monuments ...

  • Benteler-Arena

    Opened in 2008, the Paragon Arena is a purpose-built football stadium with optimal views across the pitch from every vantage point. Die Arena mit Ausmaßen von 156 m Länge und 115 m Breite bietet 15.000 Zuschauern Platz.

  • The Oil Mill at Salzkotten

    From the second part of the 16th century, the Oil Mill of Salzkotten was located at the east of the town. In 1986, the Salzkotten e.V. ‘Support Group for Cultural Buildings and Constructions’ reconstructed a mill in the Franz-Kleine-Park.

  • The Giant Viaduct

    In the course of a lifetime, we visit countless sites and locations, many of which fade in our memory, however, not in this case ...