• Spa Parks

    Bad Lippspringe is always praised for its floral attractions and when the town entered in the Federal competition, "Our Town is blooming" for the first time, it was awarded the gold medal.

  • The Spring of the River Lippe

    One of Bad Lippspringe's natural assets is certainly its water. The spring of the River Lippe in the shadow of the castle ruins is the source of North-Rhine-Westphalia’s longest river.

  • The Bare Foot Path and the Aa-Valley Nature Adventure

    The Aa-Valley nature adventure is worth a visit at any time. The motto here is ‘joining in ...

  • The Aabach Water Reservoir at Bad Wünnenberg

    The Aabach Water Reservoir is a very special drinking water reservoir. Every day it supplies ...

  • The Senne Heathland and its German Heath Sheep Station

    The north east of the Paderborner Land comprises the heathland and forest landscape ...

  • The 'Steinhorster Becken'

    With its 82 hectares, this nature conservation area is deemed to be the largest man-made biotope in North Rhine Westphalia and its waters, islands and wetlands on either side of the River Ems form a lovely mosaic in the landscape.

  • The Pader Springs

    The source of the River 'Pader' is located right in the city centre of Paderborn. More than 200 springs feed the 'Pader', the shortest river in Germany.

  • The Boker-Heathland-Canal at Delbrück

    The Boker-Heathland-Canal is one of the most important technical cultural monuments ...