Local cycle routes

  • Kapellenweg


    Because of the exceptional piety of the people in the Delbrücker Land, there are a lot of crosses and chapels alongside of the road. ...

  • Delbrücker Spargelroute

    Delbrücker Spargelroute

    On the Delbrücker Spargelroute, you will come across the asparagus fields and the asparagus farms of the Delbrücker Land. While on ...

  • Senne-Parcours Hövelhof

    Senne-Parcours Hövelhof

    The Senne-Parcours Hövelhof is a 65 km cycle ring road, which lets you experience the nature, landscapes and culture of the Senne ...

  • Rund ums Soratfeld

    Rund ums Soratfeld

    The name Soratfeld derives from the Middle High German word “sor” = meagre, arid, poor. The agriculture of the Soratfeld focuses ...

  • Paderborner Rundtour

    Paderborner Rundtour

    During the new “Paderborner Rundtour”, which goes by a big circle around the Padercity, you will enjoy the diverse landscapes. The ...

  • Römer Route

    Römer Route

    Einen Römer auf dem Rad wird man auf der RÖMERROUTE wohl nicht sehen können. Aber viele begeisterte Radler, die den Spuren ...

  • Paderborner Seentour

    Paderborner Seentour

    This easily rideable tour in the northern city part of Paderborn leads you through a landscape with numerous lakes. It largely leads ...

  • Beke-Lippe-Tour


    Initially the Beke-Lippe-Tour starts easily and quietly, but approximately from halfway it gets more and more difficult. As a reward ...

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